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New PureAV™ RazorVision™ Cables from Belkin Achieve Higher Video Definition

Video enhancement cables improve any video display

(Las Vegas, NV) - January 5, 2005 - As the latest addition to its PureAV line of audio video products, Belkin, together with DigiVision, announces the launch of its patent-pending RazorVision video cables a line of component, DVI, and HDMI cables that offer dramatically enhanced video quality. The products will begin shipping in North America in November 2005.

The RazorVision cables are currently offered in the following lengths and prices:

    HDMI/HDMI (AV62300) 8ft and 16ft - $249 and $299, respectively
    HDMI/DVI (AV62400) 8ft and 16ft - $249 and $299, respectively
    DVI/DVI (AV61400) 8ft and 16ft - $249 and $299, respectively

Traditional video cables are designed to best maintain the original source content and deliver it to a display without loss or interference. Incorporating DigiVision’s technology into high-quality video interconnects allows the improvement of the video content regardless of which display is to be used. This means that virtually any picture on any kind of screen can be improved.

With RazorVision, you will see the following picture improvements:

    Increased contrast with more visible details
    Brighter whites and blacker blacks
    Restored details in glare and shadows
    No edge outline artifacts

“With all the enthusiasm surrounding high-definition video, it is exciting to offer people a product that is a fraction of the cost of their displays and that will actually enhance a high-definition image,” comments Eric Tong, VP Marketing and Product Development. “Our RazorVision cables also allow our consumers to enhance their standard-definition displays without the costly upgrade of a new display.”

Belkin’s RazorVision cables are based on technology provided by DigiVision, a recognized leader in real-time image-enhancement systems for medical, industrial, and military applications. With RazorVision, DigiVision incorporates the market’s first system-on-chip, real-time, large-kernel, video-enhancement-integrated circuit into an active video cable.

You can upgrade the picture in your existing TV with Belkin’s RazorVision cables or install the cables with a new TV. These cables also work with all TV sources, such as DVD and VCR players, PVRs, game consoles, PCs, and digital and analog cable, satellite, and off-air antennae sources.

Belkin will offer RazorVision in a standard-definition component cable that will handle 480i format. Customers will also see a digital version of RazorVision that will handle all ATSC video rates: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p in both DVI and HDMI connections.

About DigiVision
Headquartered in San Diego, California, DigiVision, Inc. is privately held and is the dominant provider of large-kernel, real-time, image-enhancement products for consumer, medical, military, and industrial applications. More information on DigiVision and its products are available through www.digivision.com.

About Belkin Corporation
Belkin Corporation, the global leader in connectivity solutions, offers a range of innovations for the computer, electronics, and mobile consumer. With a diverse and far-reaching product mix consisting of home and enterprise networking, audio video solutions, KVM (keyboard/video/mouse), power protection and cabling, as well as USB and FireWire® devices, Belkin extends its reach to Bluetooth™, cellular, PDA, iPod®, and other solutions for mobile computing. Belkin has introduced multiple types of messaging services that allow users to send or receive email, voice mail, faxes, and mobile text messages through one IP-based portal, from any computer and web-enabled device. Belkin products are available through www.belkin.com as well as through a network of major distributors, resellers, and superstores.

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