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Belkin뭩 PureAV?HDMI?Interface and DVI Digital Solutions Allow Use of Digital Cables at Longer Lengths Belkin Corporation
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Belkin뭩 PureAV?HDMI?Interface and DVI Digital Solutions Allow Use of Digital Cables at Longer Lengths

Cable lengths of up to 100 feet with maintained quality within the HDMI spec give custom installers more flexibility

(Compton, CA) - September 8, 2005 ?Custom installers and home theater enthusiasts now have more flexibility and more cable length options of up to 100 feet with the PureAV by Belkin line of HDMI Interface and HDMI Interface-to-DVI Cables, Adapters, and Extenders. These digital cables meet the HDMI spec while integrating high-quality materials and construction to deliver pristine audio and video quality. These HDMI solutions will be shipping in North America in November 2005.

PureAV cables use silver-plated, 99.99% oxygen-free conductors, five layers of shielding, and precision-formulated dielectric material to ensure a sharp, detailed, vibrant picture, and accurate, crisp sound.

The HDMI interface is backward-compatible with DVI, allowing connection of HDMI-capable components and displays to equipment with DVI connections. HDMI-to-DVI is ideal for connecting digital displays, such as HDTVs, plasma displays, LCD TVs, and projectors, to digital source devices, such as DVD players/recorders, digital set-top boxes, and AV receivers. PureAV also offers adapters that convert your component뭩 HDMI and DVI connections for all-digital, high-definition video transfer from DVI-enabled to HDMI-enabled components.

HDMI Interface Audio Video Cable (AV52300-XX) – 30 ft.–125 $299.99 to $599.99

HDMI Interface-to-DVI Video Cable (AV52400-XX) – 30 ft.–125 ft. $299.99 to $599.99

DVI Dual-Link Cable (AV51400-30) – 30 ft. $299.99

HDMI Interface and DVI Extenders (AV54500 and AV54501) - $299.99

For extended HDMI, DVI, and HDMI-to-DVI connection distances (above 30 feet), a signal extender is required. The PureAV HDMI Interface and DVI Extenders provide leading-edge technology that allows you to extend your connections up to 125 feet while maintaining crystal-clear picture and sound. The Extenders support video resolutions of up to 1080p and are compatible with High-Definition Content Protection (HDCP). PureAV offers 50-, 75-, 100-, and 125-foot (5, 23, 30.5, 38m) cables that are designed to work in conjunction with both Extenders. Shorter lengths are also available without the use of an Extender.

DVI-to-HDMI Interface Video Adapter (AV54008) - $29.99

The PureAV DVI-to-HDMI Interface Video Adapter, which consists of a female DVI connector and a male HDMI connector, allows you to connect a DVI cable to an HDMI interface-enabled component. With it, you can plug the HDMI side of the Adapter into your HDMI-enabled component, and connect a DVI cable from the other component into the DVI end of the adapter.

HDMI Interface-to-DVI Video Adapter (AV54007) - $29.99

The PureAV HDMI Interface-to-DVI Video Adapter, which consists of a female HDMI connector and a male DVI connector, allows you to connect an HDMI interface cable to a DVI-enabled component. This lets you plug the DVI side of the Adapter into your DVI-enabled component, and connect the HDMI interface cable from the other component into the HDMI end of the adapter.

About PureAV

PureAV by Belkin provides the highest-quality connectivity solutions necessary to unleash the performance of all your audio video devices. The development of this premiere AV solution results from Belkin’s 20-plus years of leading-edge experience in digital connectivity and power protection. Designed to extract the full potential of your components, PureAV integrates technology and high-quality performance with a modern, clean elegance previously obtainable only at a premium price. PureAV products include power protection, interconnects, and digital wireless solutions. They are available through www.pureav.com as well as through a network of major distributors, resellers, and superstores.

Belkin Corporation, the global leader in connectivity solutions, launched its PureAV line in January 2004. Since then, the line has received numerous design awards from iF, I.D., CES, Business 2.0, and others. It has also garnered much praise from respected experts and publications in the AV field

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