[보도자료] PureAV HDMI Interface 3-to-1 Video Switch (AV24502)
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Connect 3 HDMI™ Devices to Your HDTV with the PureAV® HDMI Interface 3-to-1 Video Switch by Belkin
The quick adoption of high-definition video and the insufficient number of HDMI inputs make this Switch an essential piece of your home entertainment system
(Compton, CA) - June 1, 2006 – With many HD displays and AV receivers featuring just one HDMI input, you have been forced to use only one HDMI device at a time—until now. Belkin’s new PureAV HDMI Interface 3-to-1 Video Switch accommodates all your HD components by allowing you to connect to and switch up to three digital video sources—such as a cable set-top box, DVD player, or game console—through the single HDMI port on your TV or receiver.

This Switch easily solves the problem of insufficient HDMI inputs caused by the quick and widespread adoption of HDMI in the marketplace. High-definition components that commonly feature the HDMI connector include TVs, up-converting DVD players, cable/satellite boxes, entertainment computers, the newly released Blu-ray® and HD-DVD players, and upcoming game consoles, PlayStation® 3 and Xbox® 360 (HDMI connection to come). People who own multiple digital-video devices can avoid a bottleneck at the HDTV’s single HDMI port with this Switch.

The Switch will ship in North America in July 2006, with launches in Asia, Europe, and Australia to follow. It will also be on display at the Home Entertainment Show 2006 in Los Angeles, CA, June 1–4 in Suite 201.

PureAV HDMI Interface 3-to-1 Video Switch (AV24502) – $199.99
The Switch offers an all-digital connection between displays or receivers and source devices such as projectors, DVD players/recorders, digital cable/satellite boxes, and AV receivers. Simply select from three devices either by pressing the input-selector button on the Switch itself, or by using the included remote control to scroll to or directly select a source. It includes an IR remote control and a 6-foot HDMI Interface Cable.

Supports 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p resolutions
Maintains highest HDMI single-link video resolution
Works with HDCP-compliant devices
Connects and switches both HDMI and HDMI Interface-to-DVI cables
Selects inputs from the IR remote control (supplied) or via the front-panel “Input Select” button
About PureAV
PureAV by Belkin provides the highest-quality connectivity solutions necessary to unleash the performance of all your audio video devices. The development of this premiere AV solution results from Belkin’s 20-plus years of leading-edge experience in digital connectivity and power protection. Designed to extract the full potential of your components, PureAV integrates technology and high-quality performance with a modern, clean elegance previously obtainable only at a premium price. PureAV products include power protection, interconnects, and digital wireless solutions. They are available through www.pureav.com as well as through a network of major distributors, resellers, and superstores.

Belkin Corporation, the global leader in connectivity solutions, launched its PureAV line in January 2004. Since then, the line has received numerous design awards from iF, I.D., CES, Business 2.0, and others. It has also garnered much praise from respected experts and publications in the AV field.

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