Belkin Adds HDMI Cables to PureAV Line
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Experience high-definition, digital video and multi-channel, digital audio in one cable

(Indianapolis, IN) — September 10, 2004 — Belkin's new HDMI cables enable delivery of both high-definition video and multi-channel, digital audio through just one cable. Ideal for connecting digital displays such as DTVs, plasma displays, and LCD TVs, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) provides an all-digital connection between such source devices as DVD players/recorders, digital set-top boxes, and AV receivers. The cables will begin shipping on October 25, 2004 in North America. They will also be on display at the CEDIA Expo Show in Indianapolis, September 10 & 12, at Booth #101.

HDMI, the future of HDTV, is a new digital interface that was specifically created for use on consumer AV products. It will automatically find and set component compatibility and play music and movies in your system's optimum available formats. HDMI is backward compatible with DVI, with the only loss being the multi-channel, digital audio.

PureAV HDMI Cables (4ft-16ft) — MSRP $99.99-$159.99

Belkin offers its HDMI Cables in 4-, 8-, and 16-feet lengths.


99.99% oxygen-free, solid-copper conductors and high-purity, silver solder joints drastically reduce signal distortion for audio and video clarity
Silver-plated conductors deliver best high-frequency response for optimal resolution
Quad-shielded construction isolates from outside noise for clarity
Precision-formulated, polyethylene dielectric material maintains stronger signals that yield sonic and video accuracy
Impedance-matched, twisted-pair construction reduces cross talk and interference
Integrated strain relief protects against wire damage for consistently high-quality audio
Abrasion-resistant, flexible PVC jacket maintains integrity, even when bent
24k gold-plated connectors create precise contact for low loss
Non-slip rubber grip and integrated color-coding provide comfort and ease of install
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