HDMI™ is able to transfer high quality uncompressed
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HDMI™ is able to transfer high quality uncompressed multi-channel audio data and all consumer electronics’ video formats between DVD players, television sets, video displays, projectors and other compatible electronic equipment. The same interface also carries status and control information in both directions.

HDMI™ brings advantages to the customer. Instead of connecting equipment with many different connectors and cables, HDMI™ replaces this maze of cabling by just a few easy to use connectors and cables. These cables transfer uncompressed digital audio and video data in superior quality. The all-digital rendering of video and audio skips the quality losses which are involved with the digital-to-analogue and analogue-to-digital conversions mostly associated with analogue interfaces. Because of the interface’s built-in content protection, the major motion picture producers are able to distribute high definition digital content towards the customer’s home-cinema and domestic settings. HDMI™ supports intelligent communication between devices, which enables new functionality and a grow path towards a fully integrated home communication and entertainment system.

The HDMI™ system architecture is defined to consist of sources and sinks. A source - like a DVD player - will provide a HDMI™ output, and a sink - like a video display - is a device receiving a HDMI™ transferred signal. Basically the HDMI™ cable and connectors carry four differential signal pairs that make up the TMDS data and clock channels, transferring video, audio and auxiliary data. The additional VESA DDC channel is used for configuration and status exchange between a single source and a single sink. High level control functions between the various audiovisual products in a user’s home are handled by the optional CEC protocol. Three TMDS data channels are transmitting video, audio and auxiliary data. HDMI™ is able to recover data transmitted across the data channels, which will give a reliable data transfer.

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