New Home Theater Accessories Enhance Today's Advanced Audio Video Comp
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June 23, 2004 - Belkin introduces its new PureAV™ Silver Series™ line of home theater accessories, designed to unleash the performance and versatility of your home theater system while complementing the features and prices of today’s AV equipment. Silver Series, which includes interconnects and power-conditioning products, will be available in North America on August 1, 2004.

The promise of affordable-yet-advanced AV components to deliver a powerful home theater experience is not possible without similarly sophisticated and affordable accessories. Capabilities of the LCD display far exceed those provided by standard connectivity out-of-the-box. Matching the sonic experience of digital theaters at home requires digital interconnects to support DTS® surround sound components found in both places. Power-conditioning accessories are critical to achieving the cleanest possible sound and clearest picture.

With dramatic improvements in the performance, capabilities, and affordability of today’s home theater components, PureAV was developed to match these components in features, aesthetics, and prices. Networked AV components, improved surround sound processing, and next-generation digital audio video interfaces are here now; and Silver Series is engineered to optimize these technologies.

“A much larger audience is now experiencing the passion felt by a small, select group of enthusiasts in the early days of hi-fi. Audiophiles and videophiles have long recognized the critical role that accessories play in achieving optimal results,” says Gavin Downey, PureAV Business Unit Manager for Belkin.

“Advancements in display technologies and its lower prices are driving sales in the home theater arena,” Downey further explains. “But, what’s lost in this rush of mass adoption is an understanding of the importance of accessories in achieving the best possible home theater experience.”

“Today’s challenge is educating people to this fact while providing accessories that complement AV components in all facets. PureAV Silver Series solutions are built to perform beautifully while meeting this challenge,” Downey concludes.

With plasma and LCD displays driving the evolution of home theater design, AV products are becoming more sophisticated both in function and aesthetics. It is a return to the early days of television with components displayed as technological works of art.

“We wanted to complement this new art in the sculptural form of our products,” explains Ernesto Quinteros, Director of Belkin’s Industrial Design Group. “Our goal was to create a sleek line that fits seamlessly in your home while also delivering enhanced function and usability.”

Silver Series Interconnects
Silver Series Interconnects include everything from the latest digital audio video connectivity—such as HDMI, DVI, FireWire®, Digital Coaxial, and Digital Optical—to high-performance Speaker Cable and Component Video connectivity options. Prices range from $29.99 to $159.99.

Silver Series Home Theater Power Conditioners and Power Consoles
Silver Series Power Conditioners and Consoles ensure a sharper picture and more natural sound free of interference, protecting your expensive home theater system from damaging power disturbances. PureAV incorporates PureFilter™ Circuitry to guard from surges and spikes, while delivering clean power to your equipment. Prices range from $199.99 to $599.99.

About Belkin Corporation
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